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 This is a selection from the most recent entry from River’s Story. New to River and Raynn?

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 This is a selection from the most recent entry from Raynn’s Story. New to River and Raynn?

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July 11th




Today is an anniversary that I don’t want to acknowledge. An anniversary that every year I wish would just pass me by. But it never does. It always comes in heavy like a truck, ramming against me and echoing the sound of her cries in my mind. I can still hear them, even after all these years.

I was only thirteen and I still remember everything. [Read More]





August 31st



I leave and the world falls apart. It’s a day and half later and my stuff is gone, my underwear is ripped and destroyed, and some ugly rug Lacey found in a restaurant is draped over the couch so now the whole thing smells. If I could do anything, I would set the white queen on them, release the demons that live under the red skies in my dreams. Maybe she could get my locket back.