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 This is a selection from the most recent entry from River’s Story. New to River and Raynn?

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 This is a selection from the most recent entry from Raynn’s Story. New to River and Raynn?

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September 10th



Beautiful Young Woman In Bed

I set the last part of my trap. The girl has agreed to meet me.

Even through the damp air of the marks, I can already feel my blood boil with excitement, with need. It will all be over soon. I can already feel the warmth…

The heat under my skin is raging, pleading with me to go now, but that would be foolish. It is a fine web that I create around my targets and every piece must be in place, in perfect place. Ready to play their part.

Even her.

I call her my alibi. Although I am sure she has a name, to me she is only good for telling the police where I was when it’s all over.

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September 5th




I get to go see Reeves today. This is probably the first time in a long time that I am not looking forward to it. Then again, I don’t think anyone would look forward to going somewhere to be forcibly medicated and have their soul picked apart.

It must be what a suburban bar-b-que feels like.
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